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CD 1


I Will Arrive (03:38) Melissa Ferrick


It's Alright (03:47) Melissa Ferrick


Everything I Need (03:58) Melissa Ferrick


Fear and Time (03:48) Melissa Ferrick


Particular Place to Be (02:55) Melissa Ferrick


I Like It That Way (03:40) Melissa Ferrick


Stand Still (05:31) Melissa Ferrick


Asking for Love (03:09) Melissa Ferrick


Do It Over (04:24) Melissa Ferrick


To Let You See Me (03:27) Melissa Ferrick


Don't Say Goodbye (04:08) Melissa Ferrick


After several years of touring and the release of a live album in 1997, Melissa Ferrick found herself back in the studio of producer Rob Laufer, with Everything I Need being the fabulous result of their collaboration. In Laufer, Ferrick found someone who could help get the musical voices out of her head and onto some tape. And together they brought some of the catchiest, unheard tunes of 1998 to life. The drum loops and slide guitar admittedly bring Sheryl Crow to mind, though not in a bad, knock-off, wannabe way. To her credit, Ferrick is ever the original in melody, lyric, and arrangement. And these cuts are as close to hit pop songs as you'll probably ever hear from her. They even go so far as to incorporate horns and '70s-style funk guitar parts on "It's Alright" to match the musical content to the lyrical. And if the title track isn't one of the most upbeat, sing-able ditties you've ever heard, you've been listening to some pretty fluffy stuff. Nevertheless, in inimitable Ferrick style, the pain and pathos also figure prominently enough to balance the scales of all this newfound happiness. It wouldn't be a Melissa Ferrick album without a good healthy dose of angst. ~ Kelly McCartney


Artist Melissa Ferrick

Label Right On Records

Label What Are Records?

Product Details


GTIN 0744626003327

Release Date 29.09.1998

Product type CD

Track Count 11

Everything I Need

Melissa Ferrick

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