Gorilla Pathology and Health

With a Catalogue of Preserved Materials
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John E Cooper Gorilla Pathology and Health
John E Cooper - Gorilla Pathology and Health

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Gorilla Pathology and Health: With a Catalogue of Preserved Materials consists of two cross-referenced parts. The first, the book itself, is a review of pathological changes and tissue responses in gorillas ( Gorilla gorilla and G. beringei ), with an emphasis on free-living animals, but also with reference to those in captivity. The comparative aspects are discussed, stressing the relevance of research to both gorillas and humans. What makes the publication truly unique, however, is the second part, a comprehensive descriptive catalogue of the location and nature of gorilla material in museums and scientific institutions throughout the world. This is of great consequence because free-living gorillas are strictly conserved with restricted access, so the location of a wealth of preserved tissues and other material that has been collected over the decades is a great benefit for research and study.

This book can, and should, be used to gain cardinal knowledge regarding the biology and pathology of this genus. The combination of book and catalogue in this extensive compilation makes it an invaluable tool for all those concerned with the health, welfare, and conservation of gorillas, one of our nearest living relatives.

Brings together studies, data, and clinical practice from difficult-to-access or obscure journals and NGO reports, in different languages, for all interested parties and practitioners
Provides perspectives on existing research in gorilla pathology, both for those studying conservation practices and those seeking an understanding of comparable diseases in humans
Includes illustrative figures on gross and microscopic pathological changes, museum specimens, photos of field necropsy and techniques, and examples of laboratory tests
Features an extensive list of references and further reading, in different languages
Incorporates a comprehensive, descriptive catalogue of gorilla material from around the world


"For veterinarians, and, in particular, veterinary pathologists, it gives an impression about special requirements when working with gorillas under field conditions. As a reference source, the catalogue may be the most-comprehensive data collection on gorilla material in the wild." --Journal of Wildlife Diseases

"This impressive resource has been compiled by John Cooper and Gordon Hull over the course of many years and not only are specimens listed, their collection and/or acquisition data are also reported...also offered suggestions for use of specimens in collections as well as guidance on the different types of preservation available and how they can be achieved. This only forms part of the book, with the first section more concerned with the health and conservation of these impressive animals." -- Natural Sciences Collection Association blog

"...a monumental absolutely indispensible source for all medical and veterinary practitioners working with gorillas, both in the wild and in zoos." -- Gorilla Journal


Author John E Cooper

Author Gordon Hull

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