TP-LINK AV600 2-port Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit

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TP-LINK TP-LINK AV600 2-port Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit
TP-LINK - TP-LINK AV600 2-port Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit

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Internet Goes Further with Powerline
AV600 2-port Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit

You need to connect your router in the living room with your desktop in the bedroom upstairs. Trailing a long Ethernet cable through the house isn’t a good look, and it’s expensive to install additional wiring in the walls. With powerline, there’s a better way.
The TL-PA4022P KIT transforms your home’s existing electrical circuit into a high speed network. No configuration is required — plug your adapter into a power socket and establish a connection within minutes.
Note: Powerline adapters must be deployed in sets of two or more.

Ditch the complicated setup process for good. Get started with powerline in just two steps :
Step1 : connect TL-PA4010P to your router.
Step2 : plug in TL-PA4020P wherever you have wired internet devices.
Press the Pair button on each adapter to encrypt the data sent between them, enhancing your network security.

600 Mbps Maximum Speeds and 300 Meter Range
Using advanced Home Plug AV technology, TL-PA4022P KIT provides stable, ultra-high-speed data transmissions at up to 600 Mbps for ranges up to 300 meters.TL-PA4022P KIT easily handles bandwidth intensive applications. Stream in HD, game online and download large files without interruption thanks to reliable powerline links.

Power Socket for Additional Devices
With its integrated power socket, the TL-PA4022P KIT provides ultimate convenience for your home. Connect an additional device or power strip to the adapter as though it were a normal wall socket.

Two LAN Ports
Compared with TL-PA4010P KIT, TL-PA4022P KIT is equipped with an additional LAN port to give you more wired network connections. Link two devices to the adaptor via Ethernet cables to enjoy fast, simultaneous wired internet on both.

Saves Up to 85% on Power
TL-PA4022P KIT automatically switches from its regular working more to efficient Power-Saving mode when not in use, reducing energy consumption by up to 85%.
Note: Powerline adapters should be deployed on the same circuit and in sets of two or more.

- The theoretical maximum channel data transfer rate is derived from HomePlug AV specifications. Actual data transfer rate will vary due to network environment factors including: distance, network traffic, noise on electrical wires, building material and construction, quality of electrical installation and more.
- Actual data transfer rate will vary due to the network environment.

- Data transmission rates of up to 600 Mpbs1 over household electrical circuits, ideal for HD video streaming
- Ethernet ports allow connection of wired internet devices such as desktop computers
- Integrated power sockets ensure no power outlet goes to waste
- Plug-and-play design and easy encryption at the push of a pair button
- Power-Saving mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 85%2

Product Features

Features TP-LINK AV600 2-port Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit. Maximum data transfer rate: 600 Mbit/s, WLAN data transfer rates supported: 600 Mbit/s. Product colour: White

Product Details


GTIN 06935364084035

Release Date 22.06.2018

Manufacturer Part Number TL-PA4022P KIT

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