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COLLECTION of MANA brings together the first three titles in the Mana series in one wonderful package on Nintendo Switch. Perfect for the road! The trilogy of Mana classics is an unforgettable collection for every newcomer and existing fan of the series. Relive nostalgia or beloved memories as you embark on many adventures in the fantasy world of Mana. The limited first edition is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch and comes with a special reversible cover.

FINAL FANTASY Adventure/Mystic Quest
The title with which it all began. Find your destiny, become a legendary knight, and thwart the Dark Lord's plans to control the life-sustaining Mana Tree.

Secret of Mana
A sword. Three playable adventurers. Eight mana seeds. Embark on the classic adventure of protecting the world and the Mana Tree from the Empire.

Trials of Mana
Available outside Japan for the first time! Play the third entry in the Mana series and experience a unique journey based on the hero you choose and the group you form.

- Quick save: Save at any time and resume your game from the last save point.
- Music Player: Allows players to listen to classic tracks from each game.
- Screen Mode: Switch between three different screen modes. (FINAL FANTASY Adventure / Mystic Quest)
- Co-op Mode: Enjoy the adventure with your friends in local co-op mode for two (TRAILS of MANA) to three players (SECRET of MANA)!

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GTIN 5021290085398

Release Date 18.09.2019

Product type Videogame

Dimension 6.73 x 4.13 x 0.39  inches

Product Weight 1.90 ounces

Nintendo Switch - Collection of Mana

Square Enix


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