Study of plasma lipid profile in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Study of altered plasma lipid profile pattern in various grades of Oral Submucous Fibrosis
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Barkha Nayak Study of plasma lipid profile in Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Barkha Nayak - Study of plasma lipid profile in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

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The burgeoning advances in the domain of science & technology in general and medical field in particular have provided better insight into etiopathogenesis, clinical course, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases.OSMF was known as Vidari in the ancient Indian medical literature since the time of Sushrutha.In 1952 Schwartz described 5 Indian women living in Kenya with a condition of the oral mucosa including the palate and the pillars of the fauces,which he called "atrophica idiopathica mucosae oris". Initial symptoms are inability to tolerate spicy food Oral mucosa becomes blanched, usually symmetrically. As the disease progresses,thick inelastic fibrous bands appears in the submucousal layer of buccal mucosa, faucial pillars, floor of the mouth and tongue. The alterations in the plasma lipid profile levels have been found to be associated with etiology of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, head & neck cancer patients. However, only a few studies has been done on lipid profile in oral submucous fibrosis.The present study was carried out to evaluate the plasma/serum lipid profile in patients with oral sub mucous fibrosis patients with their different histopathological grades.


Author Barkha Nayak

Author Sanjaya P.R.

Author ShivaKumar B.N.

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