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In this book several multilayer particle deposition models are studied using simulations and analytical calculations. Multilayer particle deposition models are an extension of the classic car parking problem, first studied by the Hungarian mathematician Rényi. Several interesting properties of these type of processes are revealed. The focus of the book lies on the non-equality of end-densities of the layers. In some models the end-densities are lower in higher layers whereas in other models the end-densities are higher in higher layers. It is shown that in the latter case this is a result of self-organization. As an application, the results are used to analyze the so-called sequential frequency assignment process. For this purpose, the assignment of radio frequencies by national telecom authorities (using the foremost priority procedure) is regarded as a two-dimensional multilayer deposition model with discs.


Author Sjoert Fleurke

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GTIN 9783639363708

Language English

Pages 112

Product type Paperback

Multilayer particle deposition models

with an application to sequential frequency assignment

Sjoert Fleurke


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