Micro Science Fiction

by O. Westin
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O. Westin Micro Science Fiction
O. Westin - Micro Science Fiction

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Science Fiction is often falsely regarded as a genre that is only concerned with matters of science and technology. While it undoubtedly does that, it also shines a spotlight on the space between between today’s world and other, possible worlds. Some Science Fiction might as well be called Social Fiction: it covers human deficiencies, the insanity of our society, and the concept of life itself. Will artificial intelligences one day demand election rights? How do you establish contact with aliens without offending them? And which species would aliens decide to contact on planet Earth?
Westin’s microstories capture scenes of interstellar life – transgalactic communication attempts between robots, aliens, and humans, philosophical rumination, comic relief, Siri’s emotions, and the usual trickery of navigating the space-time continuum.
"Some of the best depth and potential built into the space of a single tweet. I look forward to the moments my feed delivers these gems to my screen." MEG, Chair of the BristolCon SF Convention
"I've been writing microfics on postcards and my appreciation for the Sheer Compressed Wonder you create has only increased. (Which isn't to say I ever thought it was *easy*.)" Jeanette Ng, award-nominated SF novelist
"Like a circus tent, @MicroSFF stories are much bigger on the inside than they appear on the outside." Gunnstein R'Lyeh


O. Westin

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O. Westin lives in the UK and works as an IT specialist. Since 2013 he has published over three thousand short sci-fi stories on the twitter account @MicroSFF with more than 74.000 followers.
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Paperback book
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5 June 2019
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0.174 x 0.111 x 0.011 m; 0.151 kg
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