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It is impossible to have church without good music. For the African, music is just something that he/she cannot go without. Music is to worship as breathing is to life. It is the most permanent characteristic of the heritage that blacks possess. It permeates the entire African life and thus continually ministers to the whole person. It is even believed among the African that the Spirit will not descend without a song. Worship without the Spirit is non-worship. Vocal music and not necessarily the drums that accompany it, plays a vital role in the evocation of the Spirit and it intensifies the power of the Spirit s presence with the people. While the early white settlers placed a heavy emphasis on the words with the music being incidental--a handful of tunes were used, often interchangeable with different sets of lyrics-- the black felt a need to emphasise music over the words. But it was not just for a different melody: it was an entirely new rhythm, an entirely new feel. Blacks and whites could receive the same training, learning from the same sources, yet with regard to music they would sing entirely different songs.


Author Rantoa Letsosa

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Relevant Liturgy

Special Focus on Reformed Churches of African origin

Rantoa Letsosa


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