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Climate change has been an international major issue nowadays. Numerous significant changes in global weather patterns and climate have been experienced over the past decades which brought huge effects to different world aspects from time to time. Dramatic changes in land and sea surface temperatures and pressures, ocean/sea levels, and formations of more intense tropical cyclones are some of its indications and being experienced worldwide which have been causing devastating effects in different areas of the world since the 21st century and has been getting even worse as time progresses. This research discusses the relationship of solar activity, represented by the sunspot number (SSN), and land-falling tropical cyclone frequency (LTCF) in the Philippines. This is an extension of several researches conducted in different regions of the world on the assessment of determining if the variation of LTCF in the Philippines could be explained by the SSN.


Author Aldrin B. Gabuya

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Solar Activity & Landfalling Tropical Cyclone Frequency

In the Philippines

Aldrin B. Gabuya


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