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Audio Coding: Theory and Applications provides succinct coverage of audio coding technologies that are widely used in modern audio coding standards. Delivered from the perspective of an engineer, this book articulates how signal processing is used in the context of audio coding. It presents a detailed treatment of contemporary audio coding technologies and then uses the DRA audio coding standard as a practical example to illustrate how numerous technologies are integrated into a fully-fledged audio coding algorithm.

Drawing upon years of practical experience and using numerous examples and illustrations Dr. Yuli You, gives a description of practical audio coding technologies including:

• Designing high-performance algorithms that can be readily implemented on fixed-point or integer microprocessors.
• How to properly implement an audio decoder on various microprocessors. Transient detection and adaptation of time-frequency resolution of subband filters.
• Psychoacoustic models and optimal bit allocation.

Audio Coding: Theory and Applications will be a valuable reference book for engineers in the consumer electronics industry, as well as students and researchers in electrical engineering.


This text provides detailed coverage of audio coding technologies that are widely used in modern audio coding standards. It provides a full description of the DRA Audio Coding Standard and covers advanced topics such as transient detection.


Author Yuli You

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GTIN 9781489998699

Release Date 05.09.2014

Language English

Pages 344

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Audio Coding

Theory and Applications

Yuli You


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