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Long term growth of business and profitability is the two requirements of any enterprises or industry today on both these counts are under pressure. Sudden competition has made them nervous and put them on the defensive. Highest profitability in a competitive situation can come only from reduction and control of cost. For increasing the productivity of the production and efficiency of the operation resources of waste must minimize. Therefore, a single route to improve profitability of an organization is to identify wastes of different kinds and take appropriate steps to eliminate or at least minimize these wastes. Production (Operation) management utilises techniques like product selection and design, process selection and planning, plant location and layout, material handling, production- planning & control, inventory control, work study (method study / time study), cost control etc. Each of these technique is a science in itself and itself and if properly utilize can help to improve productivity and efficiency of the production function. Thus this book is a way to solution of less productivity & will give information to make a balanced line with good productivity.


Author Abhishek Dwivedi

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GTIN 9783659241628

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Pages 80

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Line balancing: today and tomorrow

A Problem of Manufacturing Industry

Abhishek Dwivedi


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