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In the present days Heat exchangers are the important engineering systems with wide variety of applications including power plants, nuclear reactors, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, heat recovery systems, chemical processing and food industries. Helical coil configuration is very effective for heat exchangers and chemical reactors because they can accommodate a large heat transfer area in a small space, with high heat transfer coefficients. Conventional heat exchangers are large in size and heat transfer rate is also less and in conventional heat exchanger dead zone is produced which reduces the heat transfer rate and to create turbulence in conventional heat exchanger some external means is required and the fluid in conventional heat exchanger is not in continuous motion with each other. Tube in tube helical coil heat exchanger provides a compact shape with its geometry offering more fluid contact and eliminating the dead zone, increasing the turbulence and hence the heat transfer rate. As helical coil heat exchangers have compact size and higher heat transfer coefficient they are widely used in industrial applications such as food preservation, refrigeration, process.


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Design and Development of Helical Coil Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger

Pramod Deshmukh


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