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This book is a compendium of modern research and deep-rooted references which border around the use of silicon elastomeric materials reinforced with shape memory alloy(SMA) actuators, to produce biorobots. As a result of the increasing applications of elastomeric materials in making air-crafts, electronics, cars and building construction as well as their uses as medical grade materials in hospitals, wealth and employments are variously being created therefrom. In order to join the league of jobs and wealth creators, this book tends to expose the inherent potentials in using SMA rods which share somewhat similar characteristics with silicon elastomer rods, in building appendages for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), biorobots and other intelligent systems. The book is the best for researchers and students of Universities and Colleges who desire critical reasoning and new ideas in Science and Engineering. It is also a good guide for paper publication.


Author Michael Obaji

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GTIN 9783659965234

Language English

Pages 64

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Matrix Shear-Lag Parameter in an SMA-Reinforced Silicon Elastomer

Michael Obaji


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