Low cost Cylindrical Parabolic Collector for Solar Thermal Application

by Kulkarni, Hrushikesh
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Kulkarni, Hrushikesh Low cost Cylindrical Parabolic Collector for Solar Thermal Application
Kulkarni, Hrushikesh - Low cost Cylindrical Parabolic Collector for Solar Thermal Application

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Population growth, higher electrification rates and rapidly growing industrialization in India drive a large increase in energy demand. The availability of conventional energy sources is limited and may not be sufficient in the long run for sustainable development. Further, the base of the India's energy supply system has steadily shifting from non renewable to renewable sources. With the increasing share of fossil fuels in the electricity and power generation creates pollution which in turn causes global warming, thus there is need to identify newer and renewable energy sources which satisfy the energy demand and should be eco-friendly. The solar energy option has been identified as one of the promising alternative energy source. The solar energy can be used directly or indirectly for electricity, solar thermal and power production. Concentrated solar energy collectors are capable of generating steam which can be for power generation. The main challenge is to reduce cost of concentrated solar power project. This book deals with the design, construction and performance analysis of low cost cylindrical Parabolic trough collector which can be useful for solar thermal application


Kulkarni, Hrushikesh

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Mr. Hrushikesh B. Kulkarni has completed his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Mechanical- Energy Technology. He is pursuing Ph.D. at VIT University, Vellore in the field of polymer nanocomposites. His area of interest is in the field of Thermal engineering, Heat transfer, Renewable energy and polymer nanocomposite.
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Scholar's Press

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Paperback book
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27 June 2018
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