On the Decriminalization of Sex Work in China - HIV and Patients’ Rights

by Jinmei Meng
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Jinmei Meng On the Decriminalization of Sex Work in China - HIV and Patients’ Rights
Jinmei Meng - On the Decriminalization of Sex Work in China - HIV and Patients’ Rights

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This study argues that the decriminalization of sex work in China can contribute to HIV prevention and human rights protection. The argument is supported by six key concepts: the universality of human rights, rights-based approaches to HIV, sex work as work, risk environment for HIV transmission, decriminalization of sex work as a preferred model for HIV prevention, and rights-based responses to HIV and sex work. Three research methods are used, including research methods from law, social science, and public health. Recommendations are provided to reform Chinese law and HIV policy.


Jinmei Meng

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Jinmei Meng is a post-doctoral fellow in James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
'The author's expert knowledge of Chinese law and its legal system and ability to access and integrate Chinese-language legal and behavioral research resources give her the capacity to bring a strong Chinese voice to the analysis if these issues. In and of itself, sex work law and legal practice is, as the book makes clear, an important driver of HIV in China. Because similar laws and practices obtain elsewhere in Asia, the implications extend beyond China. In my research experience, I have not come across another work that covers this important material this thoroughly. Indeed, any one chapter of this book would be a significant contribution to the existing literature. The issue of the best regulatory approach to prostitution remains a matter of active, vigorous debate, and will not be resolved any time soon, so the book will be of use for some years to come.' Scott C. Burris, Professor of Law, Temple University, USA
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20 January 2016
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