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Over the years, scholars have agreed that good governance shapes the development trends irrespective of the nature of the country. This is more so the case for developing countries. With all the challenges that these poor countries encounter, only good governance can ensure smooth transition from underdevelopment to development. In this anthology, the contributors have attempted to explore various issues of politics and public administration of Bangladesh from governance perspective. Primarily divided into three segments, the authors in the first part analyzed the concept of governance from multi-disciplinary perspective. The second part sets the tone of the volume by focusing solely on Bangladesh and looks at the reform processes and governance challenges. The final part is sectoral analysis of governance and sheds light on various issues of politics and public administration including corruption, civil society, electronic governance and public sector. The book is an absolute necessity for those who are not only interested in Bangladesh but also in understanding the dynamics of governance challenges in developing countries.


Author Mohammad Ehsan

Author Muhammad Muinul Islam

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GTIN 9783639361858

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Pages 432

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Politics, Public Administration and Governance

Mohammad Ehsan


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