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This work aims to contribute to the existing literature on Corporate Social Responsibility and NGO-Business Partnerships. By utilizing personal interviews, observation, and secondary data research, the author attempts to understand how contextual factors and attitudes influence collaborative efforts for CSR in different cultures and settings. Attention is given to the influence of networking structures in bringing the private and NGO sectors together to frame and define CSR collaboration aims and approaches. Furthermore, the actual benefits and obstacles to these relationships are examined in order to understand the importance of such practices and their impact on sustainable development goals. CSR and multi-sector partnerships hold great promise to further advance both humanitarian and commercial interests, but further knowledge and understanding of the intricacies involved by the practitioners is necessary to prove them successful. This work was done with the hope of inspiring further research and practice. A sincere thanks goes to Khun Pareena Prayukvong, Dr. Tom Hewitt, and the cited authors.


Author Matthew K. Olson

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Corporate Social Responsibility Networking in Thailand

Implications for NGO-Business Partnerships

Matthew K. Olson

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