The Canadian Contribution to a Comparative Law of Secession - Legacies of the Quebec Secession Reference

by Springer International Publishing
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Springer International Publishing The Canadian Contribution to a Comparative Law of Secession - Legacies of the Quebec Secession Reference
Springer International Publishing - The Canadian Contribution to a Comparative Law of Secession - Legacies of the Quebec Secession Reference

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This edited collection gathers together Canadian and non-Canadian scholars to reflect on and celebrate the 20thanniversary of the Quebec Secession Reference, delivered by the Canadian Supreme Court in 1998. It opens withtwo Canadian scholars exchanging thoughts on the legacy of the reference from a domestic perspective as one ofthe most questioned decisions of the Canadian Supreme Court. To follow, non-Canadian scholars discuss theimpact of this reference abroad, reflecting upon its influence in European and non-European contexts (Spain,Scotland, the EU after Brexit, Eastern European Countries, Ethiopia, and Asia). Two final chapters, one by a lawyerand one by a political scientist, explore the democratic theory behind that reference.

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“In exploring the legacy of the Quebec Secession Reference , this interesting collection revisits one of the existential moments in which a Supreme Court had to rule on the normative nature of a federation. The various perspectives brought to this question offer fascinating answers far beyond the Canadian experience.” (Robert Schütze, Professor of European Union Law, Durham University, USA)

“A wonderful, timely celebration of a watershed judicial decision: anyone who cares about secession must read this outstanding collection.” (Carlos Closa, Professor of Political Science, European University Institute, Italy)

First collection of essays to address the importance of the Quebec Secession Reference as a turning point in Canadian law of secession
Brings together both Canadian and non-Canadian scholars for an international/comparative study of the Canadian influence on laws of secession
Appeals to scholars and students of comparative politics, federalism, and public law
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Giacomo Delledonne is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Comparative Constitutional Law at the Sant’Anna School of
Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy.

Giuseppe Martinico is an Associate Professor of Comparative Public law at the Sant’Anna School of AdvancedStudies in Pisa, Italy. His research interests cover both comparative and European law, fields in which he has publishedextensively, including two monographs in English.
"This valuable contribution by Giacomo Delledonne and Giuseppe Martinico convincingly demonstrates that the legacies of the Reference reverberate across the globe." (Yonatan T. Fessha, International Journal of Constitutional Law, Vol. 18, 2020)
"This book offers a thorough and kaleidoscopic perspective on the major legal and political issues regarding secession in contemporary academic discussion. The essays compiled in this book can be seen as a state-of-the-art summary of the current debate on the problem of secession and as an excellent primer for those interested in studying this fascinating and puzzling issue." (João Diogo, Regional & Federal Studies, August 07, 2019)
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