Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance

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Frederic P. Miller Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance
Frederic P. Miller - Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance

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Minimum orbit intersection distance, abbreviated MOID, is a measure used in astronomy to assess collision risk between astronomical objects.It is defined as the distance between the closest points of the osculating orbits of the two bodies in question. Of greatest interest is the risk of a collision with Earth; the MOID between an object and Earth is called Earth MOID. Earth MOID is often listed on comet and asteroid databases such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Small-body Database.However, MOID can be defined with respect to other bodies as well: Jupiter MOID, Venus MOID and so on.An object is classified as a Potentially Hazardous Object that is, posing a possible risk to Earth if, among other conditions, its Earth MOID is less than 0.05 AU. For larger bodies than Earth, there is a risk of collision with a somewhat larger MOID; for instance, Jupiter MOIDs less than 1 AU are considered noteworthy.


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