SLNs and NLCs: Preparation, Characterization, Hurdles, and Strategies

by Poovi, Ganesan
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Poovi, Ganesan SLNs and NLCs: Preparation, Characterization, Hurdles, and Strategies
Poovi, Ganesan - SLNs and NLCs: Preparation, Characterization, Hurdles, and Strategies

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The use of lipid particles in pharmaceutical technology has been reported for several years. Because the physicochemical diversity and biocompatibility of lipids and their ability to enhance oral bioavailability of drugs have made lipid nanoparticles very attractive carriers for oral drug delivery. The lipid nanoparticles with a solid matrix are two types: solid lipid nanoparticle (SLN) and nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC). Also, their hydrophobic core provides a suitable environment for entrapment of hydrophobic drugs to improve the bioavailability of the poorly water-soluble drug. This review highlights and discuss the types of simple and easily scaled-up novel lipid nanoparticles with solid matrix (SLN and NLC)) along with their different production techniques, hurdles and strategies for the production of lipid nanoparticles, characterization, lyophilization and drug release. Also, this review summarizes the research findings reported by the different researchers regarding the different method of preparation, excipients and their significant findings.


Poovi, Ganesan
Dhamodharan, Narayanasamy

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Mrs. G. Poovi is an Asst. Professor of Pharmaceutics at College of Pharmacy, MTPG & RIHS, Puducherry and currently she is doing Ph. D under the guidance of Dr. N. Damodharan in the area of Lipid nanoparticles at College of Pharmacy, SRM University, Chennai, India. She served as the recruit committee member of VCRC, ICMR, Govt. of India. Puducherry.
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27 October 2017
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