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It is developing a novel, cost effective WDT manufacturing process using conventional tablet technology for the production of robust tablets suitable for conventional packaging. Approximately one-third of the population, primarily the geriatric and pediatric populations, has swallowing difficulties, resulting in poor compliance with oral tablet drug therapy which leads to reduced overall therapy effectiveness. On the other hand, Suspension as a dosage form is associated with issues such as microbial growth, sedimentation and non-uniformity of dose, high cost of manufacturing, difficult to carry etc. A new tablet dosage format, the water dispersible tablet has been developed which offers the combined advantages of ease of dosing and convenience of dosing. These tablets are designed to disperse or disintegrate rapidly in the water within 3 minutes.To fulfill these medical needs, formulators have devoted considerable effort to developing a novel type of tablet dosage form for oral administration, one that disintegrates and disperse rapidly in water


Author Jayanta Kishor chakrabarty

Author Md. Anisul Islam Moni

Author Md. Raihan Sarkar

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Development and Evaluation of water dispersible tablet

Jayanta Kishor chakrabarty


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