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In recent years the importance of environmental education has been highlighted. The book offers the set of gentle techniques in order to put the theory into practice. The combination of art and nature in education, which is the concept within the Hungarian Green Heart Movement, clarifies the difference between enironmental education and education in nature combined with arts. While environmental education is human-centered, education in nature places nature in the centere and man is only part of the whole. The author in her present book compares drawings on How I see the future? from children in the Green Heart and the control group aged 7-14. Children in the Green Heart use many colours and feature even unpopular animals in a caring and loving way. Children in the control group with general educational background draw animals in an insignificant and subordinate position under man. The book offers an analysis of educational concepts and goals and finds art in nature education is an effective method to teach primary school students how to care for nature and meant for professionals in curriculum design or teachers and parents alike.


Author Aniko Orgovanyi

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GTIN 9783639363548

Language English

Pages 96

Product type Paperback

The Cohesion between Education in Nature and Arts

How Children Inside and Outside the Green Heart Youth Movement for Nature Conservation See the Future through Drawings

Aniko Orgovanyi


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