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In spite of unprecedented developments that have taken place the world over with respect to technologies and various means of communications, Folk-urban continuum in India, in general, and the Allahabad district, in particular, is very much discernible in the lifestyle of urban and folk people of the district. The reasons are very understandable. India is a country, where cultural elements and traditions have been perpetuated for several thousands of years. With regard to the genesis of Indian culture and the lifestyle, we have no historical evidence. However, it would be no exaggeration to say that Indian culture is at least, older than any of the ancient cultures of the world.Folk-urban continuum is not merely a parochial phenomena but it has been universal in case of India. The people of Allahabad living in the areas under study are also no exception to the rule.Allahabad is both an orthogenetic and heterogenetic city. Besides being the great sacred center, Allahabad is also a great center of higher institutions.In spite of urbanization, modernization and development in every field, people of Allahabad are still bound to their villages and they follow age old traditions


Author Shuchita Tripathi

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GTIN 9783659281709

Language English

Pages 172

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Folk-Urban Continuum Reconsidered

A case study of Allahabad city

Shuchita Tripathi

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