Truth and Justice according to Transdisciplinarity

by Mokiy, Vladimir
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Mokiy, Vladimir Truth and Justice according to Transdisciplinarity
Mokiy, Vladimir - Truth and Justice according to Transdisciplinarity

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The book describes the connection of meanings of truth and justice with mechanisms of natural encoding of conditions of directed development of objects of biological and non-biological nature. It gives the basis of content of the highest values of biogenic and abiogeneous processes of transformation of the planetary matter. It uncovers the principle of encoding of the stable biological objects by molecules of nucleotides. It establishes the transition of the principle of encoding of stable biological objects to the encoding of stable social organizations. Mechanisms of objective and subjective control for formation and satisfaction of essential and status needs of man and human society are described. The results of calculations of possible development of man and human society are presented, with consideration of the natural change of the primary priorities, current encoding of the stable social organization. The book is designed for a wide range of specialists from different scientific fields, which search for a solution of complex multilateral problems of nature and society.


Mokiy, Vladimir
Lukyanova, Tatiana

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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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Direktor Instituta transdistsiplinarnykh tekhnologiy, rukovoditel' Russkoy (Rossiyskoy) shkoly transdistsiplinarnosti. Bolee dvadtsati pyati let rabotaet v oblasti transdistsiplinarnosti, metodologii i tekhnologiy transdistsiplinarnogo podkhoda. Avtor semi monografiy po voprosam filosofii i metodologii transdistsiplinarnosti.
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Paperback book
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15 October 2014
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0.229 x 0.152 x 0.007 m; 0.172 kg
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