The silence of things you don't think about

Sixteen stories or ways of perceiving reality from strangeness
by Hernán Sánchez Barros - Sold by Dodax EU
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Hernán Sánchez Barros The silence of things you don't think about
Hernán Sánchez Barros - The silence of things you don't think about

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Despite its title, this is a book that actually has the virtue of making us think. The 16 stories that make up this book constitute a true journey through places and experiences out of the ordinary, and have the particularity of making us live in our own flesh, the emotions and thoughts of characters that have emerged from the author's imagination, but also, re-humanized from their own ghosts and illusions, which allows them to observe reality with true strangeness, deconstructing it and offering another option in the face of a normality exhausted by meaninglessness. HERNAN SANCHEZ BARROS manages to transfer us in this way, not only to diverse spaces and places, but also to the very experience of ordinary beings exposed to extraordinary situations. "THE SILENCE OF THINGS THAT ARE NOT THINKEN" is written in a magical - realistic key that involves us intensely in each story, and makes us rethink the why and what for of those things - feelings, ideas - that, sometimes, we tend to abandon in the silence of indifference.Artificial intelligence was used to translate this book.


Author Hernán Sánchez Barros

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GTIN 9786200548498

Release Date 11.02.2020

Pages 160

Product type Paperback

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Product Weight 9.07 ounces

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