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Some call the prize ring a nursery for vice ...Born into a brothel, Ruth's future looks bleak until she catches the eye of Mr Dryer. A rich Bristol merchant and enthusiast of the ring, he trains gutsy Ruth as a pugilist. Soon she rules the blood-spattered sawdust at the infamous Hatchet Inn. Dryer's wife Charlotte lives in the shadows. A grieving orphan, she hides away, scarred by smallpox, ignored by Dryer and engaged in dangerous mind games with her brother. When Dryer sidelines Ruth after a disastrous fight and focuses on training her husband Tom, Charlotte presents Ruth with an extraordinary proposition. As the tension mounts before Tom's Championship fight, two worlds collide with electrifying consequences. "The Fair Fight" will take you from a filthy brothel to the finest houses in the town, from the world of street-fighters to the world of champions. Alive with the smells and the sounds of the streets, it is a raucous, intoxicating tale of courage, reinvention and fighting your way to the top.


Author Anna Freeman

Product Details


GTIN 9781780227962

Release Date 23.06.2015

Language English

Pages 448

Product type Paperback

Dimension 7.80 x 5.04 x 1.06  inches

Product Weight 11.82 ounces

The Fair Fight

Anna Freeman


Seller: Dodax

Delivery date: Wednesday, May 2

Condition: New

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