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Police is the first source of contact for any victims irrespective of gender identity. However, gender based discrimination deeply embedded in Indian social fabric limits the capacities of these male officials to treat male and female victims equally. Biasness of mind, serotyping and prejudices against women stemming out of patriarchal structure further enhance the involvement of these authorities in gender based crime. Insulting remarks, ridiculing, mocking and humiliations are the common instances faced by female victims or women community in general when they approach the police stations for help. The insensitivity observed is so high that it promotes a culture of silence among the women and girls. And in order to safeguard oneself against stigma and shame associated with it most of them hesitate to file a complaint or stand up for justice. This book deeply analyzed the other socio occupational factors compounding the issue and looked at gender sensitivity in a wider domain. Various underlying reasons are elaborately discussed and suggestions to ameliorate the existing situations are emphasized.


Author Saumya Tripathi

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GTIN 9783659919688

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Gender Sensitivity among the Indian Police Personnel's

Saumya Tripathi


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