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The advances in sensor design have decreased the size, weight, and cost of sensors by orders of magnitude, yet with the increase of higher spatial and temporal re- lution and accuracy. With the fast progress of sensors design and communications technique, sensor networks have also been quickly evolving in both research and practical domains in the last decade. More and more sensor networks have been - ployed in real-world to gather information for our daily life. Applications of sensor networks can be found in battle?eld surveillance, environmental monitoring, b- logical detection, smart spaces, industrial diagnostics, etc. Although the technique of sensor networks has a very promising future, many challenges are still deserving lots of research efforts for its successful applications. Thisbookisdevotedtocoveragecontrol,oneofthemostfundamentalandimportant research issues in sensor networks. The aim of the book is to provide tutorial-like and up-to-date reference resources on various coverage control problems in sensor networks, a hot topic that has been intensively researched in recent years. Due to some unique characteristics of sensor networks such as energy constraint and - hoc topology, the coverage problems in sensor networks have many new scenarios and features that entitle them an important research issue in recent years. I have done my best to include in the book the most recent advances, techniques, protocols, results, and ?ndings in this ?eld.


Written with a tutorial style, this introduction presents three key types of coverage control problems: point, area and barrier coverage. The fundamentals are discussed in each category, as well as the most recent advances and techniques in the field today.


Author Bang Wang

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Release Date 16.04.2010

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Coverage Control in Sensor Networks

Bang Wang


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