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Campylobacter is considered a potential etiological agent of bacterial enteritis both in children and in young adults. The actual prevalence and incidence of Campylobacter enteritis as well as antimicrobial drug resistance condition of this pathogen in most developing countries is not known because of absence of national surveillance programs to monitor sporadic cases and outbreaks of infection. This book could result in better information about the prevalence and infectious processes associated with these under-reported Campylobacter species. Knowledge of drug resistance in bacteria is indispensable for the proper selection of antimicrobial drugs. Hence, this book will assist health authorities in the monitoring of their own drug policies. It will also be very important for the general practitioner in a remote area who may not have access to microbiology laboratory back-up and hence must depend on the prevailing knowledge of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and be guided by this document for the choice of appropriate therapeutic drug. Furthermore, this book may help in providing additional epidemiological markers for future studies.


Author Mujib Abdulkadir

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GTIN 9783639360523

Language English

Pages 76

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Campylobacter Species and Its Antibiotic Resistance Patterns:

The cases of children with diarrhoea attending Hiwot Fana Hospital in Harar, Eastern Ethiopia

Mujib Abdulkadir


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