Becoming a Thriving Leader

A study of how individual leaders grow and develop in organisations
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Lesley Greenaway Becoming a Thriving Leader
Lesley Greenaway - Becoming a Thriving Leader

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This book explores the idea that in order to sustain an organisation s capacity to grow and change, then it is fundamental that individual leaders are enabled to grow and change, or in the language of the study, that they thrive . The idea of Thriving Leaders is expanded from different theoretical and practical viewpoints to produce a rich and dynamic concept. Individual case studies are used to learn from the experiences of practising managers from different organisations about the conditions and strategies that they use to help them to thrive. The study concludes with the idea of the thriving life- cycle. This shows that not only do individuals experience thriving and non-thriving, but that there is also an intermediate state where the individual can re-evaluate, re-focus, and re-energise, and that this is a necessary process if the thriving leader is to be sustained over time. This study provides inspiration to those involved in leadership roles and provides useful guidance helping them to sustain personal energy and motivation over time.


Author Lesley Greenaway

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GTIN 9783639235883

Pages 68

Product type Paperback

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