Solow Growth Model

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Yusuph Haji Kalamba Solow Growth Model
Yusuph Haji Kalamba - Solow Growth Model

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This work would not have been possible without help of many people whose assistance and opinions significantly improved the end result. It will be unfair if I would not give special thanks to My supervisor Mr. Michael Baha of The University of Dodoma for his special contribution to this work. This study assesses the Role of Solow growth model ,A Solow Growth Model is a model of economic growth originally developed by MIT's Robert Solow in the 1950s. Solow's purpose in developing the model was to deliberately ignore some important aspects of macroeconomics, such as short-run fluctuations in employment and savings rates, in order to develop a model that attempted to describe the long-run evolution of the economy. The Solow growth model shows how saving, population growth and the technological progress affect the level of a country's economy output and its growth at a particular time.


Author Yusuph Haji Kalamba

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