Choral Music in Mexico - A survey of music between 1575-1775

by Valenzuela, Eladio
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Valenzuela, Eladio Choral Music in Mexico - A survey of music between 1575-1775
Valenzuela, Eladio - Choral Music in Mexico - A survey of music between 1575-1775

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Choral music of Mexico is a relatively new area for music research. Only within the last 60 to 70 years have scholars begun to study and catalog what is contained in the Mexican cathedral archives. Despite having a lengthy musical history, the choral music of colonial Mexico is not as celebrated or known as the European repertoire. Many compositions by the Spanish composers Victoria, Guerrero, and Morales had already graced Europe; and through the colonization of Mexico, their music found its way into the archives of the Mexican cathedrals. However, Mexican composers such as Franco, Padilla, Sumaya, and Lopez de Capillas are not as well known, but their music is an important part of music history. The music from these Mexican composers provides a wonderful view of a developing and rich musical tradition. Select works from eight Mexican composers are presented here with the hope that readers will further explore the choral music of Mexico.


Valenzuela, Eladio

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holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Texas at El Paso, and a graduate degree from Texas Woman's University. In addition to his academics, he has served as a music minister for 23 years. He lives in El Paso, Texas with his wife, where he works as a middle school choir director.
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2 February 2011
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