Interrelation of the system of education and employment of youth

by Ryzhkova, Halyna
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Ryzhkova, Halyna Interrelation of the system of education and employment of youth
Ryzhkova, Halyna - Interrelation of the system of education and employment of youth

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Professional future is the next logical step after completion of the student's chosen field of study. More frequently, even during the ongoing study, young people seek the opportunities to participate in various conferences, trainings, internships, practices, to travel abroad, etc. All the actions undertaken in this field of activities have in mind the main goal - to increase its attractiveness as a potential employee on the market work. Thus it becomes very important to put the relevant and timely questions to students about the knowledge obtained during the studies, skills they possess and the perception of their future work. The problems faced by graduates of the higher school of European countries are similar in many respects. That's why we considered these questions, interviewing students of 2 universities in Ukraine and Poland. The research took 3 years. The first stage was held in 2015 and the University was named after Alfred Nobel (Ukraine). An analysis of the results of this study is presented in part 1. The second stage of the study took place in 2016-2017 and is represented by the results in part 2.


Ryzhkova, Halyna
Pawlyszyn, Irena
Rizun, Nina

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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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Halyna Ryzhkova: Associate Professor, PhD at the University of Alfred Nobel, Ukraine. Teaches courses: Business communication, Commercial Logistics, Merchandising. Moderator of international programs involving Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade:1. Student's entrepreneurial intentions; 2. Problems of employment of graduating students.
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15 January 2018
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