Eve Teasing - Most Discussion Issue of Bangladesh

by Rashid, Md. Harun-Ar
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Rashid, Md. Harun-Ar Eve Teasing - Most Discussion Issue of Bangladesh
Rashid, Md. Harun-Ar - Eve Teasing - Most Discussion Issue of Bangladesh

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Actual condition of female mobility on the public space in the male dominated society. In patriarchal society women are secluded from domestic sphere which is rigidly practice in BD society at today of 21 century.TIN the exploration of the nature of eve teasing, violence, mobility of female in the public space.It elucidate that majority of respondents are victim of teasing for twice or more time. The gender disparity in the society prevails that some of the victim couldn't protest the situation of teasing directly and high percent of victims don't go to the law enforcing agency for stop the violence. The gender socialization from the primary institution of the society instruct that by nature girls are timid, soft, symbol of beauty.Greater portions of 89% of eve teasing happened with the proposal of affairs and also marriage, friendship and other factor responsible for this evil. Modern technology uses as the instrument of teasing and it creates seclusion of female from the public spheres, mobile phone, internet, paper, adulterating picture and other used as media of teasing.


Rashid, Md. Harun-Ar

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Rashid. H.A, BSc in Agrotechnology (Hon's), PGDBA, Training & Media Communication Officer, SAFE (Social Activities For Environment) Noor Villa, 51 Khan A Sabur Road, Khulna -9100, Bangladesh Ph: + 8801911710926
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Paperback book
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17 November 2010
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