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by Mieville, China
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Mieville, China ISBN October
Mieville, China - ISBN October

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Multi-award-winning author China Mieville applies an epic and novel-like scope to the storied road to the Russian Revolution in 1917. The passion, drama and strangeness of these events is presented with a reader new to the subject in mind, while also weighing in authoritatively on aspects of the story that are at the centre of ongoing debates.


Mieville, China

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"Miéville is an ideal guide through this complex historical moment, giving agency to obscure and better-known participants alike, and depicting the revolution as both a tragically lost opportunity and an ongoing source of inspiration."
-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review-"Best Summer Books of 2017" & "Best Books 2017")

"When one of the most marvellously original writers in the world takes on one of the most explosive events in history, the result can only be incendiary."
-Barbara Ehrenreich

"To give a new generation of readers a fresh account of the great revolution, incorporating all the post-1989 archival discoveries and scholarly research, is a singularly daunting task. To render it in vivid, oracular prose, moving across the pages with the gathering force of a hurricane, is something that only China Miéville could achieve."
-Mike Davis

"Miéville sifts through the extraordinary disagreements, debates, and debacles that accompanied the Russian reds on every step of the road to revolution ... He's especially evocative when he chronicles the scenes on the chaotic streets. But much of the value of October comes in his mastery of how the intricacies of human decision-making play out in Petrograd, Moscow, and beyond."
-Christian Science Monitor

"Elegantly constructed and unexpectedly moving."
-Sheila Fitzpatrick, London Review of Books

"Engaging retelling of the events that rocked the foundations of the twentieth century."
-Village Voice

"China Miéville's literary retelling-made to feel like a novel, but scrupulously sourced to real events-captures the vertigo of 1917's encounter between massive historical forces, plunging us back into the heart of a far-reaching social upheaval, in which time flowed backward and forward even as it marched inexorably forward toward a future that was radically unknown."
-David Sessions, New Republic

"This is a very fine book - in some ways, I believe, the best work that China Miéville has produced since the three thick volumes of the Bas-Lag trilogy. Indeed, October bears, in certain respects, a deeper affinity to those novels than to anything else he has published since; and it thus provides a convenient opportunity to take stock of the Miéville oeuvre to date...That [October] is an excellent work of art there is no doubt whatever."
-Carl Freedman, Los Angeles Review of Books

"There are workers, there are peasants, there are soldiers, there are parties, there are tsars, there are courtiers. Each of them bears his or her class position, his or her economic and other concerns, but it is the political field itself, how it hurls its protagonists into combat, combat with its own rules and norms, its own criteria for success and failure, that is front and center here. This may be the most textured, most concrete, account of what political contest and political combat, literal and metaphoric, feels like."
-Corey Robin

"Provides an introduction to one of the seminal events of the 20th century-the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty and the establishment of the world's first communist state 100 years ago this year ... It has all the makings of a novel, and Miéville's narrative builds toward its crescendo as the Bolsheviks prepare to take power."
-Boston Globe

"There are delightful grace notes here over and above a brisk and perceptive narrative."
-Stuart Kelly, Scotsman

"This gripping account is a re-enactment of the Russian Revolution ... His writing can be as passionate as that of the poets of the time: Alexander Blok, Mikhail Kuzmin, Marina Tsvetaeva, to mention some of those quoted here. Miéville's own special effects are of a piece with them."
-Financial Times

"Cinematic and vivid."

"Even though you know the ending, this is a compulsive page-turner that makes the period come alive in rich, colourful detail. Although he is better known for his science fiction, Miéville's eye here fleshes out both the spirit of revolution and the horror
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