How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays

by Jeanne Godfrey
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Jeanne Godfrey How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays
Jeanne Godfrey - How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays

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Reading is part and parcel of academic writing, and knowing which sources to include in assignments and how to go about this process can be challenging. That's where this handy guide comes in. With over twenty years' experience in the field, Jeanne Godfrey is no stranger to essay writing. Taking students step-by-step through the process, from choosing their sources to checking their work, she helps students to develop the skills and confidence they need to use their reading effectively in their essays and get the best marks possible for their work. Concise and practical, it breaks down the 'why' and 'how' of using reading in academic writing and contains valuable guidance on paraphrasing, comparing the views of different authors and commenting on sources. 
This book is ideal for students of all disciplines, and can be used by college students, undergraduates and postgraduates.


Jeanne Godfrey

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15 Tables, color; 15 Illustrations, color; 2 Illustrations, black and white; VI, 218 p. 17 illus., 15 illus. in color.

Fills a much needed gap between reading for writing, and the actual process of writing. Useful exercises on paraphrasing/quoting/summarizing, and introducing and commenting on your reading. The initial example of what 'good academic writing' which makes use of sources looks like was useful in raising student awareness of key features, and also providing them with a goal – i.e. what they should be working towards themselves.' - Emma Bentley, EAP Tutor, English Language Centre, King's College London, UK

"Combines a clear sightedness about the academic process, (from deciding what to read to polishing a final draft), with detailed advice and activities in specific areas of language, usage and grammar" - Kate Williams, Oxford Brookes University, UK


  • Provides users with key vocabulary and phrases to use when integrating their reading into their essays, all of which are taken from real academic writing

  • Presents common lexical and grammatical errors made by students, and gives readers practice in identifying them for themselves

  • Uses authentic examples of students’ academic writing throughout

  • Introduces concepts such as research logs, critical analysis and plagiarism in a clear and contextualised way


  • Part A contains new sections on how to target your reading, remain focused and know when to stop reading

  • New section on how to use reading in reports, supported by short report extracts

  • New two-colour text design to enliven the reading experience and make the text more accessible

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Macmillan Education
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Jeanne has been teaching and managing in the field of English language and academic writing for over twenty years and currently lectures at the University of Leeds UK. She has been Chair of the British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes and set up one of the first academic writing centres in a UK university. Jeanne is author of The Student Phrase Book, How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays, Reading and Making Notes and Writing for University.
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20 July 2018
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