Assembling and Supplying the ISS - The Space Shuttle Fulfills Its Mission

by David J. Shayler
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David J. Shayler Assembling and Supplying the ISS - The Space Shuttle Fulfills Its Mission
David J. Shayler - Assembling and Supplying the ISS - The Space Shuttle Fulfills Its Mission

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The creation and utilization of the International Space Station (ISS) is a milestone in space exploration. But without the Space Shuttle, it would have remained an impossible dream. Assembling and Supplying the ISS is the story of how, between 1998 and 2011, the Shuttle became the platform which enabled the construction and continued operation of the primary scientific research facility in Earth orbit. 
Fulfilling an objective it had been designed to complete decades before, 37 Shuttle missions carried the majority of the hardware needed to build the ISS and then acted as a ferry and supply train for early resident crews to the station. Building upon the decades of development and experience described in the companion volume Linking the Space Shuttle and Space Stations: Early Docking Technologies from Concept to Implementation, this book explores 
• a purpose-built hardware processing facility • challenging spacewalking objectives • extensive robotic operations • undocking a unmanned orbiter  
The experience and expertise gained through these missions allows space planners to improve space construction skills in advance of even more ambitious plans in the future.


David J. Shayler

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Illustrations Note:

Describes the missions that were designed to help assemble the International Space Station – the task for which the shuttle was essentially designed

Features first-hand interviews with those involved in the program

Provides insights into the nuts and bolts of how the major obstacles and objectives in the program were approached and overcome

Documents the success of the space shuttle in tackling the most complex engineering tasks ever performed in orbit

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Dave Shayler has been following the shuttle operational story for over 30 years and in particular aspects of its relationship with space stations. He has presented numerous papers on the topic and has authored series of articles published by the BIS in support of this outreach program and research. This work includes:

• 1991: The proposed USSR Salyut and US Shuttle Docking Mission circa 1981 (paper presented at the BIS Soviet Technical Forum 1991; paper published in JBIS 1991)
• 2000: American flights to Mir (Space shuttle) (published in BIS publication History of Mir; paper presented at BIS Soviet Technical Forum)
• 2002: NASA Shuttle missions to ISS (1998-2002) (published in BIS publication From Imagination to Reality: the ISS Volume 1)
• 2005: NASA Shuttle missions to ISS (2002-2005) (published in the BIS publication From Imagination to Reality: the ISS Volume 2)
• Unpublished: NASA Shuttle missions to ISS (2005-2011)

He joined the BIS in January 1976 and has participated in numerous activities, programs and projects including chairing meetings, working on committees and contributing to society publications. Dozens of his articles have appeared in BIS publications since 1977. He created Astro Info Service in October 1982 to focus his space writing and research, with lectures and educational outreach activities. Early publications included the periodicals ORBITER (on the Shuttle) and ZENIT (on Soviet activities), and a growing range of biographies on the world's space explorers. In 1990 he co-created the Midland Spaceflight Society and acts as its chairman. His first books were published in 1987 by Ian Allen and Salamander Books and since then over 20 titles have been authored including 13 titles in the Praxis Space Library between 2000 and 2009. He has also contributed to U. S. books and collections on human spaceflight including the three editions of Macmillan’s Who’s Who in Space edited by Michael Cassutt. In 2008 his authorised biography on Skylab astronaut Jerry Carr was published after 20 years’ research. Personal research has been conducted at NASA JSC in Houston and at KSC in Florida, as well as at Rice and Clear Lake Universities and NARA archives in Texas. His research has also allowed him to complete a fascinating and informative visit to Russia in 2003 visiting the Cosmonaut Training Center and other facilities around Moscow.

"In this volume, part of a series on space exploration, aeronautical historian Shayler focuses on the Space Shuttle's 37 missions devoted to building the International Space Station (ISS). ... The book contains fascinating photos from the NASA archives as well a wealth of tables and charts. Space program enthusiasts and historians will enjoy this detailed narrative. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty; professionals and general readers." (J. Z. Kiss, Choice, Vol. 55 (10), June, 2018)
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