Substrate effect and Nanoindentation failure

by Bhattacharyya, Arnab
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Bhattacharyya, Arnab Substrate effect and Nanoindentation failure
Bhattacharyya, Arnab - Substrate effect and Nanoindentation failure

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The effect of substrate was studied using nanoindentation on thin films. Soft films on hard substrate showed more pile up than usual which was attributed to the dislocation pile up at the film substrate interface. The effect of tip blunting on the load depth and hardness plots of nanoindentation was shown. The experimental date of variation of Vickers hardness with film thickness and loads were fitted and new parameters were analyzed. The delaminated area was analyzed using geometrical shapes using optical view of the failure region along with the load displacement Indentation fracture using Nanoindentation using Berkovich indenter has been studied. Indentation fracture toughness (KR) was analyzed based on computational programs. The contact mechanics during nanoindentation was studied with parameters related to indenter shape and tip sharpness. Elastic, plastic and total energies were computationally determined. The energy difference was related to shear stress being generated with elastic to plastic transition. Change in the nature of residual stress was related to film thickness.


Bhattacharyya, Arnab

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