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Betascript Publishing Vertical Line Test
Betascript Publishing - Vertical Line Test

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In mathematics, the vertical line test is a test to determine if a curve is a relation or graph of a function when the function's domain and codomain correspond to the x and y axes of the Cartesian coordinate system. As a relation or graph of a function can only have one output for each unique input, such a Cartesian representation of the function can have at most a single y value for each x value. Thus, a vertical line drawn at any x position on the graph of a function will intersect the graph at most once. To use the vertical line test graphically, take a ruler or other "vertical line" and move it from one end of the x-axis to the other while keeping it parallel to the y-axis. If the graph intersects the ruler or vertical line more than once at any given value of y, the graph is not a Euclidean function.

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