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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Lê V n Duy t (1763 or 1764 1831) was a Vietnamese general who helped Nguy n Ánh the future Emperor Gia Long put down the Tây S n rebellion, unify Vietnam and establish the Nguy n Dynasty. After the Nguy n came to power in 1802, Duy t became a high-ranking mandarin, serving under the first two Nguy n emperors Gia Long and Minh M ng.Born into a family of peasants near Ti n Giang, Duy t joined Prince Nguy n Ánh in fighting the Tây S n rebellion. Because of Duy t s military ability, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Nguy n army and became a marshal when the Tây S n-Nguy n war ended. After the foundation of the Nguy n Dynasty, Duy t served as a high-ranking mandarin and, later, viceroy of the southern part of Vietnam. His governance greatly stabilized and helped develop the southern third of Vietnam, turning it into a wealthy and peaceful region.

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