ISBN Sons and Daughters book Paperback English 512 pages

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ISBN ISBN Sons and Daughters book Paperback English 512 pages
ISBN - ISBN Sons and Daughters book Paperback English 512 pages

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Charlotte is an only child, reared by a brutal father who cannot forgive her for not being the son he desires. Loved by most that she meets, Charlotte has a gift for friendship, and it is her work as a Sunday School teacher that gives her hope - and an escape from home.When Charlotte meets Miles Thornton, she is instantly drawn to him. He is new to the area and a widower, with three lovely young sons to look after but the one thing he has longed for is a daughter. As they grow to understand one another, it seems that Miles and Charlotte have more in common that meets the eye . . .Sweeping from the early 1920s through to the end of World War II, Sons and Daughters by Margaret Dickinson is a compelling, traditional saga set against the Lincolnshire landscape that Margaret Dickinson portrays so well.

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