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The emerging Jewish national consciousness in Europe toward the end of the 19th century claims many spiritual fathers, some of which have been seriously underestimated so far. Zionist intellectuals such as Moses Hess, Leon Pinsker and Isaac Rülf were already committed to the self-liberation of the Jewish people long before Theodor Herzl. Their experiences and observations brought them to believe that the emancipation and integration of Jews were not realistically possible in Europe. Instead, they began to think in national and territorial terms. The author explores the question as to what extent religious messianism influenced the ideas of these men and how this reflects in today's collective Israeli consciousness. In a comprehensive epilogue, Julius H. Schoeps critically correlates ideas of messianic salvation, Zionist pioneer ideals, the settler's movement before and after 1967, and the unsolved conflict between Israelis and Palestinians which has been lasting for over 100 years.


European-Jewish Studies reflect the interdisciplinary network and competence of the “Centre for Jewish Studies Berlin and Brandenburg” which was founded in 2011. The Centre gathers together the most important institutions working on Jewish studies in the region – including the relevant universities and establishments in Berlin and Potsdam. The interdisciplinary character of the series places particular emphasis on the way in which history, the humanities and cultural science approach the subject, as well as on fundamental intellectual, political and religious questions that inspire Jewish life and thinking today, and have influenced it in the past. The CONTROVERSIES deal with fundamental debates that are of contemporary and journalistic relevance. The EDITIONS present new editions of works by outstanding Jewish authors. The CONTRIBUTIONS publish excellent monographs on the entire spectrum of themes from Jewish studies.


Author Julius H. Schoeps

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Pioneers of Zionism: Hess, Pinsker, Rülf

Messianism, Settlement Policy, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Julius H. Schoeps


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