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We investigate the relationship between industrial (iron and steel) air pollution and its effects on human health. Two groups of targeted population are chosen, 1). who are living in industry, and 2). living in adjacent area of industry. We selected 36 industries and 150 respondents by using random sampling method to a questionnaire of 21 questions. Chi-Square test indicate that the people who breath near industrial area are badly affected because of industrial air pollution than those who are breathing by far from industrial area. Results show that majority of respondents are conscious about the basic reason of air pollution in study area. Fifty-two percent respondents are aware about air pollutants that were emitting from iron and steel industry and their effects on human health. Greater portion of respondents tackled different health issue like respiratory problem, different kind of allergies and infections, stomach problem, and high pulse rate due to industrial smoke and earache, headache, ear discharge, temporary hearing loss, depression etc. due to industrial noise. Majority of respondents feel difficulty to cope with existing situation of air and noise pollutants.


Author Anum Liaqat Isma Younes

Author Muhammad Shafiq

Author Rakhshanda Sadaf

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Release Date 10.01.2018

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Environmental emissions from Iron and Steel industries in Lahore

and its effects on human health

Anum Liaqat Isma Younes


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