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The term industrialization is being nurtured in the recent decades in order to bring economic prosperity and scope for employment in Bangladesh. However, rapid industrialization has negative consequences too which have been reflected to a broader extent in the industrial areas. The phenomenon has made the lives of the local people miserable mainly through environmental degradation and serious health related problems. This research has identified the currently existing health services in the study areas, and also explored the further required services which the participants perceived to be essential to improve their situation. The research has adopted an action research framework and methodological pluralism - to collect data which allowed the use of questionnaire survey along with case studies and in-depth interviews. The study revealed a mismatch in the information provided by Government officials, doctors and the affected people on available health services. The study suggests the necessity of improving the Government provided health services specifically through strengthening Government s regulatory framework and accountability mechanism.


Author Ashfaq Ahmed

Author Shuchita Sharmin

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GTIN 9783659208935

Language English

Pages 104

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Exploring the Unexplored

Required and Available Health Services: Field Level Realities in Selected Industrial Areas at Gazipur, Bangladesh

Ashfaq Ahmed

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