Diversity studies over environment on maize inbreds

by Dholariya, Nilesh D.
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Dholariya, Nilesh D. Diversity studies over environment on maize inbreds
Dholariya, Nilesh D. - Diversity studies over environment on maize inbreds

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The present investigation entitled "Genetic variability, heritability, stability, correlation and path analysis for kernel yield and its related traits in maize (Zea mays L.) inbred lines " was carried out at Agricultural Research Station, Sansoli, Anand Agricultural University, during Kharif season of the year 2013, Rabi season of the year 2013-14, and Kharif season of the year 2014. The analysis for quality trait was carried out at Department of Bio Chemistry, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University,Anand.The experimental material comprising of 60 elite genotypes were grown in randomized block design during Kharif-2013 (E1), Rabi-2013-14 (E2) and Kharif-2014 (E3) with threereplications.Eighteen different observations on kernel yield, and its components were recorded like, days to 50 per cent tasseling, days to 50 per cent silking, plant height, ear height, days to 75 per cent maturity, number of ears per plant, ear length, ear girth, number of kernel rows per ear, number of kernels per row, 100-kernel weight, kernel yield per plant, shelling percentage, oil content, protein content, tryptophan content, lysine content and starch content analysis.


Dholariya, Nilesh D.
Delvadiya, Indrajay R.
Akabari, Viren

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Dr. Nilesh D. dholariya present working as assistant research scientist at main oilseeds research station , Junagadh agriculture University. He has completed his graduation and post graduation in Junagadh Agriculture and Anand Agriculture University. He has well experience in Wheat, maize and Castor crops.
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22 November 2017
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