Meditation, Discussion, and Social Action Groups in Waco, Texas

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Suzanne Baldon Meditation, Discussion, and Social Action Groups in Waco, Texas
Suzanne Baldon - Meditation, Discussion, and Social Action Groups in Waco, Texas

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In Waco, Texas, participants of meditation and discussion groups manifest attributes of their spiritual paths in the services they choose to offer their communities. By interviewing 31 co-researchers and engaging in participant observation, the author reports on the process of sharing spiritual and community practices. Her research includes published studies, reports, and essays that focus on the "gentle action" (Peat, 2008, p. 17) of community-minded people participating in meditation practices, prayer, metaphysical thought, and caring relationships. Through these resources, she cites saints, sages, and ordinary people who left their wisdom for us in their writings and inspired her co-researchers to persevere in nurturing the collective spirituality and practical needs of the community. Her co-researchers take a path of social responsibility that is not always easy to follow but support each other by meeting in networked groups. Based on her observations, she believes that the process of sharing meditation, discussion, and social action is a valuable technique for individual spiritual growth and social bonds that reach around the community to form a safe harbor.


Author Suzanne Baldon

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