The Chronicles of Jegra The Complete Saga Vol. 2

by Vick, Tristan
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Vick, Tristan The Chronicles of Jegra The Complete Saga Vol. 2
Vick, Tristan - The Chronicles of Jegra The Complete Saga Vol. 2

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The Complete Epic Gladiatrix of the Galaxy Series in One Affordable Box Set!!! The Chronicles of Jegra spans 2,220 pages across six massive novels. Get the best bang for your buck by buying this complete collection which brings you the final act of the action-packed space gladiatrix books. Abducted by aliens, sold to intergalactic slavers, and forced to fight in the gladiatorial games, Jegra found a new destiny waiting for her in the stars. But gaining fame and glory as champion of the arena was just the beginning. When the powerful Emperor, Rhadamanthus Dakroth, of the Dagon Empire falls for Jegra he seeks to make her his wife. Now, thrust into the role of empress of a galaxy spanning empire, something she never asked for, Jegra has to navigate a strange new world of alien politics and intrigue. If that wasn't difficult enough, sinister things are brewing as an ancient evil awakens. Able to possess avatars which he forces to do his bidding, the evil entity known simply as H'aaztre decides to wage galactic war for dominance over the galaxy. However, even with all his power, he underestimates Jegra and her resolve. The only problem is, with space pirates gunning for her, a crazy assassin hot on her trail, and a backstabbing and duplicitous husband who has tried to kill her more than once, Jegra has an uphill battle ahead of her if she hopes to bring about a lasting galactic peace. Luckily for her, she's not alone in the fight. Aiding her goal of bringing a lasting peace to the galaxy is the enigmatic satyr Grendok of Galliforn, the space bounty hunter Raven Nightguard and her rag-tag band of rebel warriors, Danica Valencia -the ex-vice admiral of Dakroth's Imperial fleet, and a mysterious clone, Lycia, who's without a past but has one clue tying her to the empress--Jegra. With her friends and allies by her side, and armed with her trusty battle-axe, Jegra will take on a legion of enemies and, ultimately, face off against the greatest threat the galaxy has ever seen. Don't miss out on this exciting space-fantasy series for adults! Bonus Content: Includes the 150 page novella: Origins of the Gladiatrix. Available soon on audio-book.


Vick, Tristan

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Shedd, Sheila
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Paperback book
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8 October 2020
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