Fundamental of Electrical Circuits

by Aziez, Sameir A.
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Aziez, Sameir A. Fundamental of Electrical Circuits
Aziez, Sameir A. - Fundamental of Electrical Circuits

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Basic of Electrical Units, SI unit, current, voltage, source of DC currents, potential difference, effect of temperature on resistance. DC electrical circuit A- Ohm's law, power, energy, efficiency. B- Resistances in series , voltage source in series ,KVL ,batteries, polarity & drop voltages, voltage divider rule ,voltage relation ( relative potential ,voltage description with one & tow points) ,Internal resistance of voltage source ,voltage regulation . C- DC parallel circuits. Resistance in parallel, parallel network, KCL, current divider rule, open & short circuit. D- Series- parallel circuits. Series- parallel network KS, Ladder networks. E- Current Sources A source conversion, dependent & independent source, current source in series, current source in parallel, determinates. Brunch current method, loop current method (mesh), Nodal voltage method, Bridges method, Delta-Star transformation and Star-Delta transformation. Network Theorems Super position theorem, Thevinin's , Norton's theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem, Millman theorem.


Aziez, Sameir A.

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A. Aziez, Sameir
Ass. Prof. Dr. Sameir A. Aziez is Head of branch Engineering of Navigation and guidance, Electromechanically Engineering Department, University of Technology in Baghdad-Iraq. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department (Communication Engineering/ Air Navigation).
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13 March 2019
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