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In daily course of study, a commerce student has to confront with many new terms and definitions. To arrange a separate dictionary for each of the subject is an irritating and sometimes may be an unaffordable thing to do. This handbook is intended to provide a one book solution for the commerce students. It encompasses concise and clear terminology of all the key subjects of business studies. Thus, it saves valuable time and supplies a want long felt by the students of a complete and low-priced business dictionary. The language is simple and definitions are easily understandable, yet focused. This handbook works as a key supplement for the preparation of commerce quizzes and job interviews. A great care has been taken during its compilation but, a handbook like this can never be perfect. Due to focus on various subjects at the same time, it is probable that some of the terms get neglected. Any correction, addition and other related suggestion from readers' side is welcome all the time.


Author Zafar Ahmad

Author Asim Khan

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GTIN 9783639359640

Language English

Pages 320

Product type Paperback

A Dictionary of Commerce

First Edition

Zafar Ahmad


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