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This book investigates the factors inhibiting pension funds from investing their assets in Namibia. The study identified financial instruments where pension funds' assets can be invested in Namibia and suggested measures to encourage pension funds investors to invest in the local economy. The study adopted quantitative approach. The probability random sampling technique was used to sample pension funds and investment companies investing pension funds' assets. A questionnaires technique was used to collect quantitative and qualitative data from pension funds' trustees and investment managers. The data collected were presented in frequency table, graphs and in narrative form. The study found that the major factors inhibiting pension funds' assets from being invested in Namibia are; shallow capital markets, limited financial instruments, lack of skills and knowledge in the field of investments, low returns and lack of track records on the performance of the local assets.The book provides recommendations on how to encourage institutional investors to invest in local economy.


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Release Date 19.12.2018

Language English

Pages 128

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Factors inhibiting Institutional Investors from investing in Namibia

A study of Pension Funds

Vistorina Nangombe Namukwambi-Antsino


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